Many of those who visit us does it to experience some excitement in life. River rafting and dog sledding are among the most popular activities in our wide range. But all do not seek excitement, some settle for a fishing trip or a walk.


Training has become important to many. Ansia Resort has its own functional gym with equipment for both fitness and weight training. This gym is free for all our guests.

Miniature golf

Here you will find a classic 12-hole course, a perfect activity where the whole family can participate.

During the high season, mini-golf competitions are organized every week. We also have five well-visited playgrounds
for children of all ages.


Lycksele Zoo is Sweden's northernmost zoo and specializes in Nordic animals,

it's a popular activity for the whole family during the summer holidays.

The Zoo is located only 3 km from Ansia Resort.

Water park

Next to Ansia there is a water park open all summer.